The major themes of the workshop include geometric group theory and the study of representations of hyperbolic groups into semi-simple Lie groups. These two areas of research have had a fruitful interplay of ideas in recent years. In particular, the introduction of dynamical techniques into these fields has had powerful consequences.

Early career participants will also have the opportunity to attend an introductory CIMPA school on  Hyperbolic Groups and their Representations which will take place in Piriapolis, Uruguay the preceding week.

The workshop consits of 3 minicourses and several lectures. The minicourses will be given by:

Jean-Francois Quint (Université Bordeaux 1)
Alan Reid (University of Texas)
Karen Vogtmann (University of Warwick)

and the speakers are:

Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah)
Kenneth Bromberg (University of Utah)
Yves de Cornulier (Université Paris-Sud Orsay)
Tullia Dymarz (University of Wisconsin)
Peter Haïssinsky (Université Paul Sabatier)
Fanny Kassel (Université Lille 1)
Rafael Potrie (Universidad de la República)
Maria Beatrice Pozzeti (University of Warwick)
Matthew Stover (Temple University)
Nicolas Tholozan (University of Luxembourg)
Tengren Zhang (California Institute of Technology)

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